About FCA

Welcome to the website of FCA! I am Ryan Clymer, the Administrator of the Academy. I believe that we, as Christians, are to hold ourselves to a higher standard, especially in the area of education. Preparing students for future service for Christ and allowing them to reach their potential are two things for which educators should strive. Our academic programs are established to equip students for post secondary success while building character, which in turn will develop strong leadership qualities, allowing students to positively impact society.

Here at FCA, we have an academic focus with a biblical philosophy. I think this is best summarized by the following quote from a respected friend and college professor, Dr. Charles Murphy: "On the rocky and sometimes fearsome path one travels between being a 'pupil' and being a 'student' it is essential to grasp the awesome fact that truth never fears a challenge, and to realize that as Christians we possess the liberty to challenge the existing order of things through critical analysis, and are charged with the responsibility to become the creative, thinking opinion leaders that this world desperately needs."

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about our institution. As you consider the investment you will make in your child, let me challenge you with this provoking thought:

Could I climb to the highest place in Athens, I would lift my voice and proclaim, “Fellow citizens, why do you turn and scrape every stone to gather wealth and take so little care of your children to whom one day you must relinquish it all?” — Socrates

Mission Statement

Faith Christian Academy exists to provide excellence in education with a biblical perspective for effectiveness in serving God and others.

Important News!

Important News!