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Faith Christian Academy
700 N. Main Street, Sellersville, PA 18960

Volunteer Background Clearance Requirements

If you are interested in volunteering at Faith Christian Academy, the following information will be required prior to further consideration:

  1. Act 34: PA State Police Clearance- This clearance must be dated within five years of proposed start date (The school administrator must see the original and retain a verified copy).

    • To apply online- Results available immediately:
      • The applicant may apply online at https://epatch.state.pa.us.
      • Select New Record Check (Volunteers Only).
      • The first step will be entering information on the requesting school entity.
      • Some information to help you through this page is as follows:
      • o School Phone: 215-257-4577
        o Name: Ryan Clymer
        o School Address: 700 N Main St., Sellersville, PA 18960
      • The second step will be entering your personal information.
      • Upon selecting the "finish" tab, results should be waiting in the "Request Queue."
      • Select "Submit." You will be assigned a Control Number (starts with "R").
      • Click on the Control Number to view your results.
      • By selecting "certification form," your official results form will appear.
      • Print this form and provide to the HR office to be kept on file.
  2. Act 151: Child Abuse Clearance -This clearance must be dated within five years of proposed start date (The school administrator must see the original and retain a verified copy).

    • To apply online- Result times may vary:
      • The applicant may apply online at https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home.
      • Create an account on the Child Welfare Portal OR login if account previously created.
      • Apply as a Volunteer.
        o Volunteer Category: Other
        o Agency Name: Faith Christian Academy
      • Read all information; create a Keystone ID and complete all requested information.
      • The applicant will receive an email confirmation when results are ready to be viewed. This may be done at any time by logging in to the account, created by the applicant. Upon receiving the results, the applicant is responsible to present the OFFICIAL document to the school administrator. A copy will be made, signed and dated by the school administrator (verifying that the original was viewed), and the official document will be returned to the applicant.
  3. Act 114: FBI Fingerprint- This clearance must be dated within five years of proposed start date. (The school administrator will need the receipt containing the registration number starting with the letters "PAE" in order to view results online). The cost of this clearance is $27, paid by credit card on the website or by money order at the time of the fingerprint appointment.

    • The applicant must register on the COGENT website at https://www.pa.cogentid.com prior to visiting a fingerprint site.
    • All required steps are listed on the COGENT website:
      • Find a convenient fingerprint location, using the map provided.
      • Schedule an appointment (if necessary- some locations accept walk-ins).
      • Take the "Applicant Registration" form (contains Registration ID, beginning with "PAE") and photo ID (driver's license will suffice) along for verification.
      • Contact the employer once fingerprinted so that results may be viewed online by the school administrator.
    *NOTE: All volunteers are required, by law, to obtain and renew the above clearances on a five-year (60 month) cycle. In addition, volunteers exceeding 10 hours/week contact with the students must have a one-time TB test administered.

  4. Act 153: Tuberculin/TB Testing- TB test results must be dated within 3 months of the start date.

    • Once volunteer status is achieved, TB testing is required if the volunteer meets the criteria of 10 + hours/week contact with the students. The volunteer shall present the provided form, titled "SCHOOL PERSONNEL HEALTH RECORD" to a health care provider of his/her choice for:
      • TB test administration.
      • Form completion.
      • Authorized Signature.
    • The volunteer is to return the completed form to the school administrator PRIOR to start date.

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