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Eighth Grade

Stephen Reif
8th Grade Homeroom
Kathy Bartholomew
8th Grade Homeroom
Alexander Woelkers
8th Grade Homeroom
What will my child learn?8th grade christian education
√ Bible
√ English
√ Math
√ Reading
√ Computer
√ History
√ Science
√ Intro to Spanish
√ Fine Arts
- Total Credits: 1
In addition to attending Bible classes three times a week, students are required to attend a chapel service every Monday and Friday. Parents are welcome to attend these services, which begin at 11:25 am.
• Portraits of the Old Testament
• Course Description: Old Testament Heroes
Each lesson studies that life of an Old Testament character along with a memory verse for each lesson.
- Total Credits: 1
• Course Description:
Spelling, vocabulary, and poetry - study several lists of words, two hundred forty vocabulary words, and various poems.

Grammar: Study all parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure; all grammar lessons are reinforced through various writing assignments.

Literature: Study of various stories by well-known authors.

Novels: Read Night, A Christmas Carol, and The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Composition: Various writing projects including creative writing, analysis of literature, writing prompts, research papers, an oral presentation of a persuasive paper, and poetry.

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry: Study twenty-eight lists of words, two hundred forty vocabulary words, and various poems.

Field Trips: The Harrisburg State Capitol and Capitol Museum, the play A Christmas Carol at the Civic Theater in Allentown, and an end-of-the-year class trip.
- Algebra I
- Credits: 1
• Integers
• Real Numbers
• Variables
• Solving Equations
• Solving Inequalities
• Relations, Functions and Graphs
• Systems of Equations and Inequalities
• Polynomials
• Factoring Polynomials
• Radicals
• Quadratic Equations
• Rational Expressions
• Microsoft Word
» Create, edit, and format documents » Insert pictures, tables, and charts » Create resumes and research papers
• Microsoft Excel
» Create, edit, and format spreadsheets » Insert pictures, tables, and charts » Create formulas
• Microsoft PowerPoint
» Create, edit, and format presentations » Insert pictures, videos, tables, and charts
• Microsoft Access
» Create, edit, and format databases
History I
• Study of United States history from colonization up until 1850
Some Topics Covered:
» Settling the Wilderness: Discovery of the New World, settling the colonies, colonies and the British Empire.
» Establishing a Nation: Revolutionary war, Confederation and establishment of the new government.
» Spanning the Continent: Growth of the Nation, Jacksonian Era, Westward Expansion.
Physical Science
- Credits: 1

• Describing the Physical World
• Inquiry and Steps to Solve a Physics Problem
• How to Make a Graph
• Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion
• Energy and Work
• The Solar System, Anatomy of the Sun, Stars
• Electric Currents, Magnets, Wave Interactions
• How the Human Eye sees Light and Color
• How Light is Affected by Matter
• The Phases of Matter and Heat Transfer
• Buoyancy, Mechanical Properties
• The Atom
• Physical vs. Chemical Properties of Matter
• Compounds and Mixtures
• Acids vs. Bases, Chemical Reactions
• Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
• Types of Chemical Reactions
Intro to Spanish
• Words that are similar in English and Spanish; How to say “the” in Spanish
• How to make things plural
• Indefinite articles
• How to express actions; How to ask questions and say no in Spanish
• How to count in Spanish
• Telling time in Spanish
• -ER , -AR, and –IR verbs
• Adjectives – how to describe things in Spanish
• Professions and trades; the verb ser
• Expressions with estar; uses of ser and estar
• Days and months
• The verb tener; expressions with tener
• Weather expressions; Seasons; the verb hacer
• Possessive adjectives
• What to say when you like something; the verb gustar
Fine Arts Department
• Band
• Middle school choir
• Hand bells
• Private music lessons available
Click here to learn more about our music program
Click here to learn more about our art program
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