Ninth Grade

Ninth Grade

English (Academic and Honors**)

  • Academic English, Total Credits: 1
    • English 9
    • Grammar: grammar is reinforced through writing; grammar lessons as needed.
    • Literature: Study an anthology of writing pieces by well-known authors, focusing on specific aspects such as theme, motif, symbols, etc.
    • Novels: Read and analyze a variety of novels throughout the year including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Johnny Tremain, Animal Farm, No More Victims, The Giver, and The Oustiders.
    • Composition: Numerous writing pieces including, creative writing, expository writing, literary analysis, critical thinking writing prompts, research papers, oral speeches and poetry.
    • Vocabulary and Poetry: 400 vocabulary words; various poetic forms will be studied.
    • **Honors English courses move at an accelerated pace, cover an increased amount of novels (The Hiding Place, Anthem, Etc.) and an increased frequency of writing assignments.

Social Studies

  • Total Credits: 1
  • United States History II
  • Covers: 1851 - 1990
  • PA History *PA History can be added as an elective for 9-12 under History


  • Academic Algebra II, Total Credits: 1
    • Operations
    • Linear Equations
    • Linear Relations
    • Quadratic Equations
    • Polynomial Functions
    • Systems of Equations and Inequalities
    • Radicals
    • Complex Numbers
    • Rational Expressions and Equations
    • Introduction to Trigonometry
    • Identities
    • Inverse Functions
  • Honors Algebra II, Total Credits: 1
    • Students will refine algebra skills focused on linear, quadratic, and polynomial equations for the purpose of basic problem solving, graphing, and word problem comprehension. Emphasis will also be placed on properly simplifying complex, radical, and rational expressions, solving systems of equations, and other fundamental concepts that will prepare the student for future maths and applications. In addition, students will do weekly mental math drills to maintain basic skills.


  • Total Credits: 1
  • Students will investigate biological systems at the molecular, cellular, and macrobiological level. Hands-on laboratory exercises will be provided to assist students in their understanding of biological themes. Projects and reading assignments may be required with each unit of instruction.
    • The Study of Life
    • Biochemistry
    • Ecology
    • Biosphere Interactions
    • Energy and Information in the Cell
    • Cell Processes
    • Basic Genetics
    • Advanced Genetics
    • When Worldview Collide
    • Classifying Life
    • Prokaryotes and Viruses
    • Protists and Fungi
    • The Human Body


  • Total Credits: 3
  • Click here for a complete outline of our Bible curriculum.

Boys/ Girls Health

Spanish I and II

  • High school Spanish classes are taught with a focus on comprehensible input and fluency through TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). TPRS is a Comprehensible Input method that involves providing personalized and comprehensible input through stories, questioning, and readings and songs so that the brain acquires Spanish more naturally. Cultural topics from various Spanish-speaking countries will also be examined.


  • Students may choose from computer electives such as Photoshop and After Effects.

Fine Art

  • Band
  • Choir: Grades 9-12 (Elective) - Choir is a performance group that allows each singer to experience singing within a group as well as singing their own voice part. Training is given so that the choir learns to sing correctly, using proper breath support, diction, posture and dynamics. The choir will sing in multiple styles and languages.
  • Hand bells
  • Private instrumental lessons available
  • Click here to learn more about our music program
  • Click here to learn more about our art program

Important News!

Important News!