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Faith Christian Academy
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Twelfth Grade - Senior

Joann Kern
12th Grade Homeroom
Ryan Clymer
12th Grade Homeroom
12th grade christian education
What will my child learn?
√ Bible
√ English
√ Math
√ Reading
√ Computer
√ History
√ Forensics / Honors Anatomy
√ Fine Arts
- Total Credits: 1
In addition to attending Bible classes three times a week, students are required to attend a chapel service every Monday and Friday. Parents are welcome to attend these services, which begin at 11:25 am.

Click here for a complete outline of our bible curriculum.
- Academic English
- Total Credits: 1
• This class covers vocabulary words of five per day up through December.
• Focuses on World Literature. Our textbook takes us around the world from Mesopotamia to modern world literature.
• The novels read this year include authors from South Africa, Russia, China, and Europe. Some of the novels read include Things Fall Apart, The Good Earth, and Mere Christianity.
• Writing assignments focus on perfecting the essay, and the research paper.

- Honors English
- Total Credits: 1
• This class covers vocabulary words of five per day up through December.
• We begin the year with a basic study of Mythology.
• Next we work through a book on identifying Archetypes.
• We then proceed into the World Literature textbook. This class requires an extensive amount of reading and writing. At least ten novels are read throughout the year. Books read during this year include Crime and Punishment, Anna Karenina, The Good Earth, and Things Fall Apart.
• Writing assignments are varied. Papers are written using both the MLA and APA style of writing.
- Credits: 1
• Accounting or Honors Calculus
• Microsoft Office
√ Word
√ Excel
√ PowerPoint
√ Access
• Web Design using Macromedia Dreamweaver
√ Html
√ Basic web programming
• Business Computer
• Adobe Photoshop
- Total Credits: 1
• Government/Economics
• Covers: The founding of our nation, the structure on which it was founded and the changing political and economical scenery of the United States.

- Electives: Sociology
- Credits: 1
• Introduction to Forensic Science
• Types of Evidence
• Fingerprinting
• Hair and Fiber Analysis
• Drug Analysis
• Toxicology
• Blood Spatter
• DNA Analysis
• Human Remains
• Document Analysis
Honors Anatomy
- Credits: 1
• Anatomical Position
• Integumentary System
• Skeletal System
• Muscular System
• Nervous System
• Cardiovascular System
• Respiratory System
• Lymphatic System
• Reproductive System
Fine Arts Department
• Band
• Choir
• Hand bells
• Music theory
• Private music lessons available
Click here to learn more about our music program
Click here to learn more about our art program
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