Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade

Ancient world history is the theme that weaves through the sixth grade curriculum. We study many early and diverse cultures. We try to bring these ancient cultures to life through hands on projects, research assignments, videos, and an end of the year buffet from around the world. We make an effort to experience a taste of each country through many special activities such as weaving, mosaics, Greek Food Day, Pottery Day, calligraphy, cultural music, dress and language. Our field trips include Glencairn Museum and Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

One of the highlights of our year is attending a special Veteran’s day celebration with other area sixth graders. The students get to meet the veterans and experience the stories of dedication and patriotism.

What will my child learn?

  • Bible
  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Heritage Studies
  • Science
  • Computer
  • Fine Arts
  • German


  • Life of Christ
  • How the Holy Spirit Works
  • Life of the Apostle Paul
  • Old & New Testament Passages


  • Academic
    • Grammar - parts of speech, verbals, clauses, capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, and the function of words in the context of a sentence.
    • Literature - Our textbook is a series of short stories of different genres incorporating many elements of literature including plot, point of view, and figurative language. We read at least four novels including Out of the Dust, Holes, The Bronze Bow, and A Wrinkle in Time.
    • Spelling and Vocabulary
      • over 200 cumulative vocabulary words
      • Spelling includes 150 commonly misspelled words.
    • Writing assignments are varied with many based on literature stories and novels. They include a five paragraph essay, compare/contrast essay, character analysis, various types of fiction, various types of poetry, and novel projects.
  • Honors
    • Everything in Academic plus: Reading Workshop-Weekly assignments are based on the reading of independent novels with a comprehension or elements of literature focus.


  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division
  • Time, Money, & Measurement
  • Fractions & Decimals
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Algebra
    • Ratios
    • Proportions
    • Percent


  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Skill Development
  • Completion of Several Novels


  • Basic Generalizations
  • Countries of the World

Heritage Studies

  • Ancient World History
    • Mesopotamia
    • Egypt
    • India
    • Israel
    • China
    • Persia
    • Greece
    • Rome
    • Byzantine Empire
    • Mesoamerica
    • Africa
    • Japan
    • Middle Ages of Europe

Life Science

  • Credits: 1
  • Changing Earth: Earthquakes & Volcanoes, Weathering & Erosion, Natural Resources
  • God’s Creation: Cells & Classification, Animal Classification, Plant Classification
  • Energy in Motion: Atoms & Molecules, Electricity & Magnetism, Motion & Machines
  • Beyond Our Earth: Stars & the Solar
  • God’s Continuing Plan: Plant & Animal Reproduction, Heredity & Genetics
  • Our intricate Bodies: Nervous System, Immune System


  • Our computer lab is equipped with thirty-one networked computers and variuos computer software programs. Sixth grade has computer classes one day per week.

Fine Art

  • Band
  • Middle School Choir Grades 6-8 (Elective) - Middle School Choir is a performance group that sings age-appropriate music as they learn to sing as a group as well as sing their own voice part. Training is given so that the choir learns to sing correctly, using proper breath support, diction, posture and dynamics. The choir will sing in multiple styles and languages.
  • Middle School General Music Grades 6-8 (Elective) - Middle School General Music is designed to educate students on how to read music and follow a musical score.
  • Private instrumental lessons available
  • Click here to learn more about our music program
  • Click here to learn more about our art program

Important News!

Important News!