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soccerWhat is L.F.C.?
Before the fireworks...
Before the triple digit crowds...
No, seriously. At our classic matches with Calvary and Upper Bucks.
Before the bagpipes and drums...
Even before LFC...
There was a group of young, eager soccer players sitting in a classroom, watching a video from their new coach. None of us knew it at the time, but it was in that classroom and on the "dust bowl" (this was before The Alumni Field) field of preseason, two hours twice a day, where the Lions Futbol Club was truly born. Twenty plus high schoolers, all sweating and bleeding for their club and school, and, more importantly, for each other. This was to be the foundation.
The next season came around; we lost some players, but we gained some too. We spent two unspeakably grueling weeks of preseason together, testing our limits and building the bonds of a team. And then, finally, we emerged together, brothers, forged by the fires of adversity.
soccerAnd we won games. A lot of games. ( 2006 record 19-2-1)
When everthing was said and done, after a heart-breaking loss in the District semi-finals (0-0 lost in PK's), we were the most successful team in FCA history. We allowed fewer goals ( 7 in 22 matches), scored more (84 in 22 matches), and won more games than any team before us.
It was a season of "two bows." It was a season none of us will ever forget.
Now begins a new chapter in LFC history. No longer will we have the strength and leadership of our graduated seniors. Instead, we have our own brand and style of soccer. We will be fast, and we will play even faster. We will be strong and fit. We will have undeniable skill. We will build on the foundation laid by our brothers, setting a new standard for LFC soccer. And like our predecessors, we too, shall win.
Collegiate Players
* Chris Makowski-'11-verbally committed-Syracuse University
* Devin Kemmerer-'10 graduate-Grace College-Indiana
* Garrett Hollenbach-'10 graduate-Clearwater Christian College
* Felipe Ferreira-'10 graduate-Belhaven University-Mississippi
* Joel Bartholomew-'10 graduate-Grace College-Indiana
* Cory Weaver-'08 graduate-Wheaton College-Illinois
* Matt Makowski-'08 graduate-American University-Wash. D.C.
* Cory Greiser-'08 graduate-Lancaster Bible College-PA
* Comar Ciliberto-'08 graduate-Lancaster Bible College-PA
* Ben Wambold- '07 graduate-Bethel College-Indiana
* Andrew Totaro- '07 graduate-The Master's College-California
* Walter Scharf- '07 graduate-Clearwater Christian College-Florida
* Lucas Hollenbach- '07 graduate-Clearwater Christian College
* Dexter Hollenbach- '07 graduate-Clearwater Christian College
* Jonathan Blauert- '07 graduate-Cedarville University-Ohio
soccer Atlantic Coast Christian Athletic Conference
Varsity Boys Soccer
2001 (tournament champion)
2002 (D-1 & league)
2003 (D-1 & league)
2004 (D-1 & league)
2005 (D-1 & league)
2006 (D-1 & league)
2007 (League)
2008 (League)
2009 (League) (District 1 runner-up)
2010 (regular season & League) (District 1 runner-up)
Varsity Girls Soccer
*started spring 2001
JH Boys Soccer
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