Tenth Grade

Tenth Grade

Meet the teachers

Kristi Kosik
10th Grade
John Zwart
10th Grade

What will my child learn?

  • Bible
  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Computer
  • History
  • Chemistry
  • Fine Arts


  • Total Credits: 1
  • Click here for a complete outline of our Bible curriculum.


  • Academic English, Total Credits: 1
    • Literature: Focuses on American Literature from American Indians to Contemporary American literature. Students read several novels by American authors including To Kill a Mockingbird, The Scarlet Letter, and The Great Gatsby.
    • Vocabulary: 400 cumulative vocabulary words are taught throughout the year.
    • Writing: Writing assignments are varied; many assignments are based on literature stories or novels read.
    • Grammar: Some grammar is taught.
  • Honors English, Total Credits: 1
    • Honors English 10 course moves at an accelerated pace through an American Literature curriculum. In this course, we read at least eight novels.
    • Vocabulary: 400 cumulative vocabulary words are taught and tested.
    • Writing: There is an extensive amount of writing on many levels. Writing includes, research papers both MLA and APA, writing a historical fiction piece. Writing focuses on essay questions from novels read.


  • Academic Geometry, Total Credits: 1
    • Students will learn the basics of geometry including vocabulary and theorems, completing formal proofs, relationships between figures ranging from one to three dimensional space. Polygons will be used throughout the course with an emphasis on triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles. In addition, students will periodically review basic algebra concepts to maintain skills from previous years.
  • Honors Geometry or Honors Algebra II


  • Our computer lab is equipped with thirty-one networked computers and various computer software programs. Our high school library has five computers available for student use.
  • Desktop Publishing - Students will learn to assemble reading material in interesting and professional ways, as well as learning to prepare this information for printing.

World History I & Honors World History I

  • Total Credits: 1
  • Study of World History from creation up until the 1600's.
  • Topics Covered:
    • The Ancient World: Foundations of world history, early civilizations, Greeks and Romans
    • The Eastern World: Byzantine and Islamic Empires, civilizations of Asia and Africa
    • The Medieval World: Medieval Europe
    • The Awakening World: Renaissance, Reformation, exploration and discovery


  • Total Credits: 1
  • Academic Chemistry
    • Scientific Method
    • Classification of Matter
    • Energy in Matter
    • Atomic Models
    • Periodic Table
    • Periodic Trends
    • Descriptive Chemistry
    • Chemical Bonds
    • Oxidation Numbers
    • Nomenclature
    • The Mole
    • Writing Chemical Equations
    • Balancing Chemical Equations
    • Stoichiometry
    • Gas Laws
    • Properties of Solids and Liquids
    • Solutions
    • Acids, Bases, and Salts
  • Honors Chemistry
    • Honors chemistry receives the same information, but at a faster pace. Students receive more assessments and labs than Academic Chemistry.

Fine Art

  • Band
  • Choir
  • Hand bells
  • Music theory
  • Private instrumental lessons available
  • Click here to learn more about our music program
  • Click here to learn more about our art program