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Third Grade

Cheryl Zdon
3rd Grade Teacher
Caitlin Hollenbach
3rd Grade Teacher
In 3rd grade, I stress the importance of Quiet Time with God; special one-on-one time spent with God. We have Quiet Time on a daily basis for about 20-25 minutes. The students are allowed to relax around the room. They can choose to read their Bible, practice their bible verse, write in their prayer journals, or spend time praying. I value this time greatly and encourage my students to take it seriously as this is the most important thing they can learn!
3rd grade students
What will my child learn?
√ Bible
√ English
√ Heritage Studies
√ Math
√ Reading
√ Science
√ Spelling
√ Visual Art

• The Life of Abraham
• The Life of Jacob
• The Life of Joseph
• The Life of Daniel
• Parts of Speech
• Parts of Speech
• Writing:
√ Game Instructions
√ Friendly Letters
√ Persuasive Essay
√ Writing a Story
√ Writing a Book Report
√ Writing a Sound Poem
Heritage Studies
• The Start of the United States
• France's History in the 1700s and the impact it had on America
• Physical Maps
• Traveling Westward
• Stories from Long Ago – Parables, Fables, Legends, Folktales, Tall Tales
• War Coming: Slavery and the Underground Railroad
• North vs. South – Civil War
• American Holidays
• The Wild West
• Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division
• Time
• Money
• Measurement
• Fractions & Decimals
• Geometry
• Reading Groups based on individual reading level
• Literacy Circles
• Summaries
• Vocabulary
• Questioning
• Illustrating
• Connecting
• Travel Tracing
• Vocabulary Journals
• Comprehension
• Phonetic Skill Development
• Chapter Books
• Little House in the Big Woods
• Charlotte's Web
• Warm and Cold Blooded Animals
• Plants
• Ecosystems
• Soil, Rocks, and Minerals
• Matter
• Sound
• Energy in Motion
• Weather
• Solar System
• Cells, Tissues, and Organs
• Skin
• Spelling words are chosen directly from what will be read in class each week
Visual Art
Click here to learn more about our visual art program
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